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  • A Circular Solution to Plastic WasteBCG

    Jul 15 2019  And in many markets the economics favor new-use or single-use plastics over recycling while others lack the necessary collection and sorting systems. As a result single-use flexible plastics (such as bags and packaging) which account for about 50 of all plastics consumption and half of total ocean litter mostly end up being incinerated

  • New Zealand invests in growing its domestic recycling

    Sep 17 2020  Currently New Zealand produces about 80 000 tons of e-waste per year but recycles only about 2 (1 600 tons) most of which goes offshore for processing. Under the scheme e-waste

  • Global Magazine for Plastics and Polymer Industry • Modern

    Over the decades smart toys have grown from a niche industry to a profitable business. According to UK-based analyst firm Juniper Research annual smart toy sales across the globe are expected to grow to 11.3 billion by 2020. Today toy stores not only have an array of classic board Games and stuffed animals but also internet connected devices smart racing cars and drones smart building

  • Glass recyclingCurrent market trendsrecovery

    The requirements placed on waste glass from glass recycling systems are far higher than they are in the case of container glass. For example most manufacturers only tolerate an ESP content of 5 g/t of glass cullets (Fig. 17). For this reason waste glass from the demolition of buildings has not so far found any use in the production of flat glass.

  • Timor-Leste aims to become world s first plastics-neutral

    May 17 2019  About -HTR. -HTR is a patented hydrothermal upgrading technology which uses water under high temperature and pressure to chemically recycle waste plastic (including plastic currently deemed non-recyclable) back into oil (from which it originally came).This synthetic oil can be used to produce new plastic fuels and chemicalsreducing waste and creating a new source of

  • This Week in Tech Building Blocks Made from Waste Plastic

    Jul 29 2016  Technology This Week in Tech Building Blocks Made from Waste Plastic Plus an off-shore wind farm for the U.S. financing sustainable energy for low-income communities and more of this week s design-tech news from around the Internet. a New Zealand-based engineer whose research laid the foundation for the use of waste plastic to create

  • Plastic Container RecyclingWhat Waste is Recycled

    Recycling plastic makes good environmental sense as most plastics originate from oil-based compounds that are not sustainable. It is increasingly important to use resources efficiently. Recovery of waste plastic for reuse into new products conserves non-renewable raw materials uses less energy than that used to produce plastic and

  • NZ s PVC Recycling Scheme Plastics New Zealand

    The plastic pipe was delivered to the Marley pipe recycling facility in Manurewa Auckland where it was sorted and re-processed. LeRoy-Dyson continues "Plastic pipe is a common waste stream from our construction projects across New Zealand. Until now we have struggled to find a recycling avenue particularly for PVC pipe.

  • Polypropylene recycling from carpet waste

    Jun 01 2021  A significant part of carpet waste consists of petroleum-based polypropylene. As a non-recyclable product disposing of it has previously meant incineration or landfill. However a new

  • Nestlé takes action to reduce plastic waste in the environment

    Apr 05 2019  Nestlé takes action to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Tackling plastic pollution especially in our oceans is an urgent priority for us. We take this responsibility seriously. We support all efforts to raise awareness and find solutions to the plastic waste problem. In April last year we pledged to make 100 of our packaging

  • Plastic Bricks Made From Used Plastic Water Bottles

    Jul 02 2018  Plastic bricks made from used water bottles . Written by Expert Skip Hire on 02 July 2018.. ByBlocks image used with kind permission from ByFusion . We often write articles about plastic wasteThe reason for this is that plastic is the biggest culprit when it comes to waste production we throw away more plastic than any other material.

  • Agricultural RecyclingDrip Tape Recycling

    Netafim ReGen™ Recycling collects and manufactures new recycled plastic irrigation tubing in California right from your farm which provides you with disposal convenience and cost savings. We recycle the used irrigation tubing/hose/tape to produce a recycled resin that is re-used in Agricultural Mining and Landscape dripline applications.

  • Sonoco to increase amount of paper it recyclesRecycling

    Aug 07 2019  Oji Fibre Solutions a New Zealand-based producer of market pulp paper and fiber-based packaging has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with iQ Renew and Licella both of which are based in North Sydney Australia to investigate chemical plastics recycling technology for use in New Zealand.. Oji operates Fullcircle a recycling company operating in New Zealand that

  • Pyrowave chemical recycling one step closer to

    May 01 2020  Its patented high-power microwave catalytic depolymerization technology platform is the most advanced worldwide according to Pyrowave and is now at the forefront of a new generation for plastics. "Ours is a proprietary technology that uses microwaves to break polymers down to their base chemicals which is really something different from

  • Recycle It

    The plastic is then checked and sorted by hand and shipped to our partner recycling plant in Christchurch New Zealand. The recycling plant is currently processing 10 000 kg of Number 5 plastic per month which (according to the US EPA figures) is part of only 1 percent of Polypropylene (PP) plastic currently being recycled globally.

  • Panasonic Develops Recycling Technology to Accurately Sort

    Sep 22 2010  Osaka JapanPanasonic Eco Technology Center Co. Ltd (PETEC) a part of Panasonic Corporation has developed a technology to sort and collect with high accuracy polypropylene (PP) polystyrene (PS) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastics from shredder residue generated at its home appliance recycling factory of the same name. The technology

  • Turning Plastic Into Foam to Combat Pollution New Method

    Jul 04 2021  In Physics of Fluids by AIP Publishing researchers from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have developed a method to turn biodegradable plastic knives spoons and forks into a foam that can be used as insulation in walls or in flotation devices. The investigators placed the cutlery which was previously thought to be "nonfoamable

  • Recycling New Zealand still sending plastic waste to

    May 28 2021  By Nita Blake-Persen of RNZ. New Zealand s recycling practices are under scrutiny amid revelations that hundreds of tonnes of plastic are still being sent to

  • Recycling Waste Management World

    Jul 08 2021  Recycling 20 54 37 New Zealand s lack of uniform standards hampers national recycling efforts Recycling objectives in New Zealand are difficult to meet as long as there are no uniform national standards. read more

  • Reducing Plastic Waste in Ghana SAP News Center

    Oct 29 2020  Approximately 13 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans annually equivalent to one garbage truck load every minute. Even worse the Pew Charitable Foundation estimates that the volume of plastics finding its way into the world s oceans will triple by 2040.. Some experts believe the solution lies in creating circular economies which eliminate single-use plastic in

  • Sorting Recycling Facilities Veolia Australia and New

    Our facilities specialise in sorting and collection of recyclable materials which are then converted back into useable products. We ensure materials such as plastic glass cardboard and aluminium are reused within the consumable market thereby reducing landfill. YouTube. Veolia Group. 12.3K subscribers.

  • Recycling and waste minimisationTe Ara Encyclopedia of

    Recycling was a top priority for environmental action groups in the early 1970s. In Auckland these groups engaged in public education on reducing and reusing waste. They successfully lobbied Devonport Borough Council to begin New Zealand s first municipal recycling scheme in 1976. In 1978–79 voluntary recycling and lobbying also resulted in

  • A complete guide to what you can and can t recycle in New

    Aug 09 2018  But whatever the difficulties of maintaining a recycling system in a small country like New Zealand that shouldn t negate the fact that some material is still easy to give a second life.

  • ByFusion Global Inc. Reshape the Future of Plastic Waste

    Solving the plastic waste problem is bigger than any person company or country can tackle alone. Our patented eco-friendly scalable systems enable our partners to get their community s plastic waste under controlhelping to reduce and eventually eliminate the world s plastic crisis.

  • ReOilRecycling technology for used plasticsOMV

    ReOilRecycling technology for used plastics. Plastics make our lives more efficient convenient and safe. Yet when insufficient effort is made to recover and reuse plastics and to minimize waste it may have adverse effects on the environment.

  • About Mura Technology Limited

    HydroPRS TM provides a recycling path for plastics arising in both post-consumer packaging and commercial and industrial waste. Most waste streams such as MSW RDF and SRF contain a high plastic content which is incinerated rather than recycled. Our solution concentrates these plastics to a waste stream which is over 70 plastics on a dry ash

  • Recyclers Plastics New Zealand

    Compounding Specialists Ltd (Comspec) is an award winning leader in the recycling field in New Zealand. Comspec not only provides tolling facilities for customers waste plastics but also offers high quality recycled resins for sale ex stock. They purchase scrap at competitive prices and have a collection and delivery service.

  • McDonald s won t have recycling in-store New Zealand

    Jan 09 2020  The company which has 167 restaurants across New Zealand aims to have recycling in stores and make 100 per cent of its packaging from renewable recycled or certified sources by 2025.

  • How Paving with Plastic Could Make a Dent in the Global

    Feb 11 2021  In India where 50 percent of the country s roads were unpaved only a few years ago as many as 14 000 miles of new roads have been installed since India s Minister for Road Transport made it mandatory in 2016 to add waste plastic into bituminous roads dia s plastic road technology grew out of experimentation done in 2001 by R. Vasudevan a chemistry professor at the Thiagarajar

  • Diving into global problem of technology waste Mirage News

    Jun 16 2021  Diving into global problem of technology waste. While green energy solutions often rely on new technology MIT students who took class STS.032 (Energy Environment and Society) in fall 2020 discovered that even many promising innovations share a downsideelectronics waste (e-waste).

  • Creating the Building Blocks for Tackling Ocean Waste

    Jul 19 2016  Well the original idea was to partner up with the waste management sector. But what Gomory refers to as the "myth of kerbside recycling"where in a city like New York just 7.5 percent of plastic that s put out for recycling actually gets processed the rest heading for

  • Kiwi company turns plastic waste into high-quality

    Feb 26 2017  A New Zealand company is turning plastic waste into high-quality concrete. Plazrok the brainchild of south Auckland-based company Enviroplaz is

  • Top 25 Waste-to-Energy startups

    Apr 04 2021  Country New Zealand Funding 276.3M By recycling carbon from industrial off-gases syngas generated from any biomass resource (e.g. municipal solid waste (MSW) organic industrial waste agricultural waste) and reformed biogas LanzaTech can reduce emissions and make new products for a circular carbon economy.

  • Recycling technology Article about Recycling technology

    Recycling technology Methods for reducing solid waste by reusing discarded materials to make new products. The three integral phases of recycling are the collection of recyclable materials manufacture or reprocessing of these materials into new products and purchase of these products. Various techniques have been developed to recycle plastics glass

  • Size of the Problemrecycle.nz

    About 8 of New Zealand s waste stream by weight is attributable to plastic. Because plastics are lighter than many materials by volume it is estimated they may use up to 20 of landfill space. Approximately 252 000 tonnes of plastic waste is disposed of to NZ landfills each year (based on 8 of 3.156 million tonnes of waste to landfill).

  • Millions of tons of plastic are trashed every year. But

    Jun 11 2021  It calls for Ghanaians to strive for a circular model to recycle and reuse as much plastic waste as they produce each year — roughly 1.1 million tons — by 2030. Barely 5 percent of the 5 000 tons of plastic that Ghanaians discard each day makes it to recycling facilities. The rest winds up in landfills illegal dumps streets and waterways

  • Plastics Recycling ReclaimNew Zealand

    Reclaim collects around 350 tonnes of plastic containers and film each month and arranges for this to be made into new products. By recycling your plastics you will reduce your cost of waste to landfill and ensure that an important resource is not wasted. If we are not yet collecting your plastics